When is the Best Time to Call a Mobile Mechanic?

23 August 2021

Calling for a mobile mechanic has been the go-to solution for car owners who want to have their cars fixed right away. Wherever the car owners are, mobile mechanics alongside their handy tools and knowledge are expected to come to the car owners’ places and conduct the services needed.

But when is the best time to call a mobile mechanic? Here are some instances or situations that tell you to call for their help right away.

Failure to Start

If your car does not suddenly start, then you certainly need help from a mobile mechanic. While jump-starting your car might do the trick, it is not enough to make you feel secure during the drive. With a mobile mechanic, they can easily identify the main causes of the issue. Failure of your car to start may mean that you already have a failing battery, requiring the mobile mechanic to replace it right away. Other car components that may have already failed and caused this issue are the starter motor and alternator.

Brake Pads Issues

Brake pads are vital to your car since they guarantee your safety. Once these components generate some issues, then you need to call a mobile mechanic right away. One issue that you might get is the presence of squeaking or squealing sounds whenever you step on the brakes. If ever you hear these types of sounds, then it only means that your brake pads are already wearing thin. Your brake pads have likewise worn down if your steering wheel and brake pedal are vibrating excessively. All these issues require brake pads replacement, which you can instantly obtain with the help of a mobile mechanic.

Engine Misfire

Another instance where a mobile mechanic can help you is when your car has some engine problems. One problem that your car may have is a misfiring engine, which you can detect if the engine hesitates or shakes whenever turned on. Some parts of the ignition system that may cause your engine to misfire are the control module, coil packs, crankshaft position sensor, and spark plugs. Once called for their services, the mobile mechanic will have to check these components and fix or replace the faulty ones.

Tire Problems

If your car suddenly veers to the left or right, then it would be best for you to stop in a safe place and call a mobile mechanic. One possible reason why your car is pulling to one side is the lack of tire rotation. Tire rotation pertains to the movement of your tires from one position to another, ensuring that they wear down evenly. Hence, your front tires are expected to be placed to the rear and vice versa by the mobile mechanic. Other possible problems with your tire include improper wheel alignment and low tire pressure.

Other issues that call for a mobile mechanic’s help are the need to change engine oil, replacement of lights, elimination of fluid leaks, and resolving a high-temperature engine. If you need some help with your car, you can contact us at Ace Mobile Marine and Automotive.

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