How to Deal with Most Common Boat Engine Problems?

11 October 2021

To effectively maximise sailboats, their respective owners must ensure that they are inspected and maintained regularly. Failure to do these things, after all, will only lead to the downfall and deterioration of their much-valued watercraft.

One part of the sailboats that the owners like you should assess thoroughly is the engine. The boat engine plays a pivotal part in the sailboat since it can provide a much-needed source of power. By burning fuel and producing mechanical power, the boat engine ensures that all other components of the boat can move and operate throughout its trip without expecting any failures.

But since the engine of your boat is expected to operate continuously, it may eventually develop or generate issues that must be resolved as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common problems with boat engine and their accompanying solutions.

Failure to Start

One possible problem with the boat engine is that it may fail to start from time to time. If you turned the ignition key and received no feedback from the engine, then it may mostly mean that it has some problems with either electrical components or battery. Your engine may have a faulty ignition circuit. Alternatively, your boat may already have a low or dead battery. To resolve these problems, you may want to tighten up the fitting of your dash-mounted ignition switch. You may also want to replace your wiring regularly. Installing a metering device can likewise be done to sustain engine performance.

Power Loss

Another problem that your boat engine may possess is continuous power loss. Even if your engine successfully starts, it may still lose some power due to various reasons. One of the reasons would be the lack of enough fuel supply, which can be resolved by refilling the supply ahead of your trip. Another possible reason is the existence of filter problems or faulty plugs. Replacing the in-line fuel filter can help resolve the latter problem. Bringing in spare spark plugs and other necessary tools can also be done so that faulty plugs can be removed and replaced.


If your boat engine’s temperature gauge rises quickly, then it means that some parts of the engine are overheating. One possible reason behind an overheating engine is the absence of proper water flow in the cooling loop. In resolving this problem, you might want to check the quality of the water entering the engine since it might possess some mud, plastic bag, weeds, and other elements. Once these elements are found, then remove them right away. This problem can also be resolved by servicing and replacing the impeller and the exhaust system regularly.

Some boat engine problems can be resolved quickly. Others, however, require professionals before they can be fixed fully. If you need some help with your engine problems, feel free to call us at Ace Mobile Marine and Automotive. Our team of experienced marine mechanics can offer mobile and emergency call-out service anywhere in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast.

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