5 Signs Your Car Engine is Failing Significantly

25 January 2022

One part of your car that must supposedly work and operate optimally all the time is the engine. The engine of your vehicle is made from components that can carry out a wide array of functions, making it somehow a complicated system, to begin with.

But to make everything easier, the engine of your car is essentially intended to convert the energy from the burning gasoline’s heat into torque. The torque is then applied to your car’s wheels to make it move. Through various engine components, combustion can be carried out effectively and safely, as long as they are assessed and maintained regularly.

But even with regular assessment and maintenance, your car engine may still act up and yield problems that can affect the performance of your car. Worse, these problems may cause trouble for your whole trip. If your engine manifests the following signs, then it means that it is failing significantly.

  1. Lit Check Engine Light

The check engine light on your dashboard is meant to provide you with the status of your engine. Once this specific light indicator suddenly illuminates, then something is wrong with your engine. With this particular sign, it would be best for you to consult with a mechanic so they can effectively run a car diagnostic test to determine the main problem of your engine and carry out the necessary solutions.

  1. Losing Engine Power

Another sign that tells you your engine has some problems is the sudden loss of power. Vehicles powered with gas would typically utilise an engine that maximises four strokes to carry out the combustion process. If one of the four strokes has some unexpected interruptions, it will effectively affect the engine’s ability to convert gasoline into the needed torque.

  1. Stalling Transmission

Driving a car with a manual transmission may stall if the clutch and gas pedals are not engaged properly. But with an automatic transmission, the vehicle is expected to not stall frequently. If your automatic car, however, stalls regularly, it means that your engine’s intake stroke does not receive the appropriate spark or mixture of air/fuel. Having your car checked right away can help resolve this issue easily.

  1. Odd Noises or Odours

Even with multiple components on your engine, they are expected to run smoothly and quietly most of the time. But once your engine starts to produce odd noises like knocking, hissing, popping, or backfiring, it might already possess some problems with the combustion flow. Your engine might also be failing if it releases strange odours from the exhaust, requiring it to be assessed and fixed by a mechanic.

  1. Rough-Running Engine

One more sign that indicates your engine has a problem if it runs or idles roughly. A rough-running engine often means that something is clogging the system. It may also mean that the engine maximises old spark plugs, has an incorrect octane in the gasoline, or possesses a low battery. Having your engine checked by a mechanic right away is the best way to resolve the issue.

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