The Most Common Issues with Marine Engines

08 September 2021

Sailboats and ships can only move effectively across the water if they are powered by high-performance marine engines. But to ensure that their marine engines can work appropriately, their core components must be assessed and maintained regularly.

Assessment and maintenance of marine engines are crucial to sailboats and ships due to different reasons. For one, regular assessment and maintenance can make sure that the engines can operate for a long time. Conducting these processes can also ensure that any build-up of dirt, oil, and others inside the engine components will be prevented. Any necessary repairs and replacements can likewise be done as long as proper assessment and maintenance are conducted.

When conducting assessment and maintenance, marine engines might yield the following issues that might be encountered by mechanics and other professionals.

Water Build-up

One issue that a marine engine may have is the build-up of water in the fuel system. This specific issue can be normally caused by the improper storage of fuel or the existence of a loose filler cap. Once the sailboat or ship obtains this issue, then it will fail to start. Instead, the engine will crank over repetitively without any signs of starting up. Installing a water separator fuel filter or flushing the fuel system could potentially resolve the problem with water build-up.

Leakage of Air

Another issue that a marine engine may possess is the leakage of air. Whenever the engine is being utilised, the air control is often placed in an open position, which can then be overlooked by many ship operators. To locate the leakage or the hissing noise, one should conduct an intentional blackout for the engine to be in the stop position. As for its possible solution, air leakage can be prevented through tightening or replacing the involved joints or pipes.

Fuel Leakage

Aside from leaking air, the fuel inside the marine engine can also leak whenever the fuel treatment or the fuel temperature is not maintained fully. As this issue worsens, the fuel system might obtain significant cracks and leakages, damaging the whole marine engine. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved by regulating the high-pressure leak off tank level. The alarm must also be supervised so that fuel leakage can be monitored.

Electrical Issues

Many components of a marine engine rely heavily on electrical connections. Given the surroundings of sailboats and ships, these connections have a high chance of being exposed to corrosive elements. Without maintenance, the wet electrical connections of the engine have a high chance of corroding, which could then cause a series of electrical issues such as blown fuses and intermittent starting. Cleaning and spraying these sensitive components with a corrosion guard can prevent these issues from happening.

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