How to Resolve Most Common Marine Engine Problems?

18 November 2021

An engine serves as the main brain of a boat or watercraft. Without this specific part, boats and watercraft cannot move, operate, and function altogether.

And this is the main reason why the engine of boats and watercraft must be assessed, maintained, and serviced whenever necessary. Regular servicing of the engine and its associated components can help prolong their service life since any issues or damages are resolved right away. Engine maintenance can also help in saving valuable resources like time and money. Since the engine will be serviced appropriately, any costly problems can be mitigated and prevented immediately. Of course, regular maintenance of the engine can ensure that its fantastic performance will be kept intact.

Common Issues with Marine Engines

Now, without maintaining the engine of your boat, it may easily develop issues and problems that can be costly and difficult to resolve. Some of the most common marine engine problems are as follows:

  • Leakage of Air– One of the most common issues with marine engines is air leakage. If your engine has this specific issue, you may immediately notice some unusual hissing noises on your boat. Resolving this problem, fortunately, can be done by tightening the affected joints or pipes. Replacing the said parts may also be needed if the air continues to leak.
  • Water Presence– The fuel system of your marine engine must be free from water for it to be functional. Once water invades your fuel system, your engine will not start and operate. In resolving this specific issue, you must change your water separator fuel filter right away and continue to do it every year. You must also flush out the excess water from your engine to resolve the problem.
  • Dead Battery– Another common issue with the marine engine is the existence of a dead battery. Your marine engine can work optimally if it is equipped with a battery. However, without a battery switch, the battery will continuously discharge some power even if you are not on the boat anymore. Installing a battery switch can help you stop excessive battery drainage.
  • Faulty Wirings– Your boat or watercraft will always be exposed to moisture and salt during the trip. Hence, these components may accumulate on your engine. If you do not, however, check the condition of your wirings, then they might continue to deteriorate and cause electrical problems. Keeping an eye on your wirings and electrical connections can prevent your engine from stalling.

Other common problems with marine engines include overheating, fuel leakage, the existence of sparks, stuck fuel rack, and faulty alarms and sensors.

Acquire Mobile Mechanics’ Services

To make sure that every marine engine problem will be resolved, you must acquire services from a reputable mobile mechanic company. Fortunately, we, at Ace Mobile Marine and Automotive, have been in the mobile mechanic industry for five years.

We are a mobile mechanic company that can repair, maintain, and service various engine configurations. We are equipped with a team of skilled marine mechanics, who offer both mobile and emergency call-out service anywhere in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Central Coast.

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