3 Key Services offered by Roadside Assistance Companies

08 November 2021

Car owners must assess and check the condition of their cars regularly. After all, they do not want to find themselves stuck in the middle of a road with their faulty vehicle.

But even with frequent assessment and maintenance, many cars are still known for suddenly breaking down. Some parts of the cars may have already deteriorated due to a long time of usage. Others, alternatively, may have become broken due to unexpected conditions or elements in the surroundings. Whatever the source of the problem is, car owners should still act promptly and ask for professional help.

Roadside assistance companies, fortunately, are known for fixing issues that are related to faulty cars. Hiring these companies can assure car owners like you that they can conduct the following services.

  1. Battery Jump-Start

Imagine driving your car for just a couple of minutes when suddenly it will not start anymore. One known reason why your car cannot start anymore is due to a dead battery. The only solution to this problem, especially if you are in the middle of a road, is to jump-start it. With a roadside assistance company, they would send service providers for your battery to work again before servicing it fully. Aside from a dead battery, service providers may have to also jump-start the battery if the starter has malfunctioned, the fuel lines have become clogged, or the ignition system components have broken down.

  1. Tire Replacement

Another service that roadside assistance companies can perform is tire replacement service. Tires are one of the components of your car that must be checked frequently. Without assessing the condition of the tires, they might lose traction, which can put you and others at risk of getting into accidents during bad weather. Additionally, failure to check your tires may lead to flat tires, especially if they have been punctured accidentally by sharp objects. If your tires have become flat in the middle of the road, you must call a roadside assistance company so they can replace the affected tires right away.

  1. Locksmith Service

One more service that roadside assistance companies often conduct is locksmith service. Locksmith service, as well as lockout service, are often performed by these companies whenever car owners cannot access their cars for various reasons. One of the reasons why they are locked out of their cars is that some grounding wires have been worn out. They may have also misplaced or left their keys somewhere else. Car lockout is likewise possible if the remote key fob is not working or the lock has corroded entirely. Asking for professional help during a car lockout is a must so that your car will remain secure and safe.

If you need immediate roadside assistance, you can call us at Ace Mobile Marine and Automotive. We offer 24-hour roadside assistance for flat batteries and tyres, breakdowns, and keys locked inside the car. Our lines are always open so we can help you deal with unexpected mechanical problems on the road.

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