5 Warning Signs Your Car Engine Needs to be Repaired

27 September 2021

For your car to run in the first place, all its components must be in good condition. One of the components of your car that should always be in optimal condition is the engine.

The engine of your car works by converting fuel into energy, ensuring that other car components have enough power to move and operate. It typically houses the engine block, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, and timing belt. All these components must work perfectly to ensure that the process of fuel transport, energy conversion, and others will be carried out safely and without any failure.

While the engine components are often made from durable and reliable materials, they can still fail over time. Fortunately, they can generate warning signs first before your car fails. If your car generates the following warnings signs, then your engine needs to be repaired right away.

Lit Check Engine Light

The integrated “check engine” light of your vehicle will only illuminate if something is wrong with your engine. If it suddenly illuminates while driving your car, then it must be assessed and possibly serviced right away. Normally, a reliable mechanic should be called so they can check the type of problem your engine currently possesses and service it accordingly.

Bizarre Vehicle Noises

Another sign that your car engine has some problems is the generation of bizarre vehicle noises. Your car will typically generate a normal sound whenever the engine is running. However, if you hear some knocking and squealing sounds, then your engine might be in trouble. A knocking sound would mean that the rod bearings have already worn out while squealing noises mean that the fan belt has become loose. Scheduling an engine service would be the best option for your car if you have these issues.

Bad Smoke Emissions

Your car will emit some smoke. But if your engine has some serious issues, then your car will generate excessive smoke. If your car releases blue smoke, then the oil from your engine might be escaping and is being burned with the fuel. A white smoke emission, alternatively, means that your fuel has combined with water condensation or antifreeze. Black smoke, ultimately, means that your air filter has become too dirty. An excessive amount of smoke means that your car needs to be serviced as soon as possible.

Persistent Power Loss

A huge number of vehicles today are still powered by gas. Hence, they would normally be equipped with an internal combustion engine that utilises a four-stroke combustion cycle. If your gas-powered car experiences a sudden loss of power, then it means that one of your engine’s four strokes is being interrupted during the combustion process.

Gas Mileage Decrease

One more sign that your car engine has some issues is the gradual decrease in gas mileage. If you notice that you are not utilising the gas tank optimally, then your engine’s compression stroke might have some problems. Typically, this problem can be resolved through servicing the fuel system. However, for optimal results, you must still hire a mechanic so they can assess your engine issues appropriately.

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